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About Gokarna International Beach Resort

GOKARNA INTERNATIONAL Beach Resort redefines comfort and relaxation with a blend of, luxury accommodation, stylish amenities, superior service and stunning natural surroundings. No matter the season, a pristine beach vacation is probably one thing that never goes out of style. Admit it; there is nothing more surreal than having to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the cool breeze in the air and the touch of sand beneath your toes. So if you’re on the lookout for a warm beach vacation destination, head up to GOKARNA. The resort directly overlooks GOKARNAs most picturesque beach and is located in kudle within 6 kms distance from gokarna city. Soak up panoramic sea views from the comfort of our scenic outdoor area and restaurant. Relax in a private steam room. Enjoy the vista from the patio of your comfy accommodation and the floor to ceiling ocean views from within your room.

The resort offers all the charms of the famous Kudle beach and yet, holds a certain personality of its own - giving an experience that is absolutely exclusive. Along with its scenic beauty. Gokarna International Beach Resort is all about unwinding and is spread over an acre to give you unequaled privacy, in the company of the sun and the sea. This private space overlooks a virginal stretch of beach, lording over everything from a perch on a cliff. Giving you a slice of paradise that is very much yours.

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